I. square square 1 [skweə ǁ skwer] adjective
1. square metre/​mile etc PROPERTY an area of measurement equal to a square with sides a metre long, a mile long etc:

• The new site will provide 10 million square feet of office space.

2. 5 feet/​2 metres etc square PROPERTY shaped like a square with sides that are 5 feet, 2 metres etc long:

• The room is six metres square.

3. ( all) square informal if two people are square, they do not owe each other any money:

• Here's your £10 back — that makes us all square.

  [m0] II. square square 2 verb [transitive]
informal to pay money to someone in an official position, so that they do what you want; = BRIBE:

• We'll have to square a few government officials, if we're going to get this scheme approved.

square something → away phrasal verb [transitive]
to finish something, especially by putting the last details in order:

• Get your work squared away before you leave.

square up phrasal verb [intransitive]
to pay money that you owe:

• I'll pay for the drinks and you can square up later.

square something with somebody phrasal verb [transitive]
to arrange something with someone by persuading them to agree to it or allow it:

• I'll take the day off if I can square it with my boss.

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square UK US /skweər/ adjective (written abbreviation UK sq, written abbreviation US sq.)
MEASURES, PROPERTY used before units of measurement to describe the size of an area, especially an area of land. An area of 100 square metres is equal in size to 100 squares with sides that are 1 metre long: 100 square metres/kilometres/miles, etc. »

About 81,000 square metres of office space is due to be completed in the City this year.

100 square feet/foot/inches, etc. »

The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in about 4,700 square feet.


New Jersey has an average of well over 1,000 people per square mile.


Permeable concrete costs about $9 per square foot.

[after noun] MEASURES used after units of measurement to describe the size of an area. An area of 10 metres square is equal in size to a square with sides that are 10 metres long, or equal to 100 square metres: 10 metres/feet/foot, etc. square »

We will deliver items to a maximum size of three feet square.

10 miles/kilometres, etc. square »

The city has a population of 1 million crammed into an area only a few miles square.

be (all) square — Cf. be square
square UK US /skweər/ noun [C, usually singular]
the result of multiplying a number by itself: »

The square of 7 is 49.

be back to square one — Cf. be back to square one
See also MARKET SQUARE(Cf. ↑market square)
square UK US /skweər/ verb
[T] FINANCE to reach an agreement with someone: square sth with sb »

The company's full-year results will be postponed until it has squared a new agreement with its lenders.


A state-owned bank had to be brought in, in order to square the deal.

[I] (also square up) if two things that should be the same do not square, they seem different or show different results: »

A Superior Court judge ruled that the tape and the officers' reports ""didn't square"".

square the books — Cf. square the books
square the circle — Cf. square the circle

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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